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Active Lifestyle swimming content is for you if you…

  • can swim a little or a lot and want to improve your skills and safety.
  • want to learn to swim better for your health and fitness into your 80’s and 90’s.
  • are not interested in teaching others, your children or grandchildren. (Other DVD set)

All content is based on never out-of-date physics and
psychology of learning principles few instructors
know about or apply while teaching.

Swim for Life Health Fitness Benefits

  • System of easy-to-master one-minute steps in a sequence so your brain can learn skills faster.
  • Get correct demonstrations in picture sequences with brief “how-to” descriptions.
  • Learn new methods and numerous cues proven to get you faster longer-lasting results.
  • Learn self-correction skills to streamline your body and increase efficient propulsion so you can swim farther and faster with less effort for more safety.
  • Learn how to float easily in a variety of positions to conserve energy.
  • Master your breathing so you can swim continuously without having to stop to breathe.
  • Teach yourself or your children and save time and money.
  • Everyone can learn at their own pace sharing the book and videos.
  • Get familiar with water safety concerns in unfamiliar places to avoid risks.

Would you panic in deep water or strong currents
if you have poor swimming and floating skills?

This $97 valuable book/DVD package is a timeless reference resource easily worth more than $1000 in lessons.  It is a one time investment so you don’t keep paying for more lessons you can forget.


The chapters are in small chunks with only 5-7 small steps you can easily master in one pool session to feel rewarded and boost your confidence.

I sincerely hope you will join me to be a better safe swimmer for a lifetime of fun.

Dr. Pete

3 DVDs 5:37 viewing     Click here to see sample video. 

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253 page 7×10 book; total curriculum  Click here to view/read sample book chapter.

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