Calling All Affiliates

Could you, your team, or organization use
an extra $4000 to $5000 in revenue
with little effort?

And help save more lives of family and friends who don’t swim
as well as your team members!

Imagine cousins and school buddies able to enjoy more water sports activities
with you and your families.

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No inventory to buy, hold, or ship, no money to process, and no worries with our done-for-you system.

As an approved affiliate you, your team, or organization gets a monthly check that can continue for months automatically dropped into the bank account you and your assigned booster/volunteer/accountant person manages for you now.

My “Teach Yourself To Swim Like A Pro In One Minute Steps” book and DVD video set is a complete swimming instructional curriculum package for all the strokes and water safety.

I created a ‘teach yourself’  SYSTEM of easy-to-master one-minute steps in a skilled sequence so relatives and friends of your team’s families can learn to swim efficiently from me on their own TV!

This saves families a lot of money, time, and frustration trying to get all the kids taught especially in areas where there is no pool or an affordable experienced instructor.

I just learned of a family with three children quoted $835 for 8 lessons!  And those group lessons will provide only a small amount of the content I provide to save them more time and money in the short and long run!

The entire package includes my 282 page $24.95 book with 1046 pictures in small skill step sequences and brief explanations and your choice of three different DVD sets for only $97!

This is an entire curriculum for all the strokes plus valuable water safety knowledge to avoid critical mistakes easily valued over $1000 in lessons for one person!

And with the DVD videos every family member can learn at their own pace.

Think what lessons would cost for one child and then multiply that by
the number in your family.

And the best part is you’ll be taught by me, a Ph.D. pro with over 55 years of experience
so you’ll learn correct methods and cues that are proven
to get you faster longer-lasting results!

A host of other lesser priced packaged items will be made available
ranging from $9.97 – $49.97.

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This package for only $97 is valued over $1,000 in lessons.
Your families’ relatives and friends save time, money, and frustration especially where there is no pool or experienced instructors.

  • For every $97 package invested in you get $40.
  • I pay for the cost of production.
  • Your customer will also pay $5-6 UPS or USPS shipping.
  • You’ll get a monthly commission sheet showing where every order is placed and shipped so you’ll know the families who are participating.
  • Your commissions are direct deposited into your account you’ll have access to 24/7 with your user name and password.

For consideration to be an affiliate … APPLY NOW!

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