Learn To Swim Program Ambassadors

Do you qualify to be an AMBASSADOR and advocate of quality swimming instruction and drowning prevention?

An ambassador is a good swimmer with efficient technique and ability to communicate and demonstrate correct methods and cues, and not afraid or shy to offer help to other swimmers they encounter who obviously display poor swimming skills.

Our Ambassadors program honors individuals and programs that join the MISSION to help save more lives and want to upgrade swimming instruction and drowning prevention worldwide.

On average ten people unintentionally drown each day in the United States and many more in other countries.  Of those ten there are eight adults and two children.

Most child accidents occur in unsupervised backyard swimming pools that get the emotional attention of the media and public.  But eight adults is also cause for alarm.

Of those eight adults perhaps half of those took swimming lessons as children but probably never mastered their floating and breathing skills and quickly became exhausted.

Try to find an adult swimming class in your local community.  Then learn what methods and cues they use to teach adults and children to swim, and how they advertise their programs.  Finally, examine the results they get.

In order to reduce the number of unintentional drowning deaths four things must happen:

  1. We have to upgrade swimming instructional curriculums to include a better sequential system of skills, methods, and cues proven to get results!
  2. The learning process must be based on sound physics and psychology of learning principles that are never out-of-date.
  3. The qualification standards for the instructors of the instructors must be improved.
  4. Teach water safety concerns in unfamiliar places to avoid risks.

If you qualify and want to be added to our Ambassadors list so others can find you and network with you and your program, then complete the form below.  I will add new members as they are approved.  Your personal contact information is optional.

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Thank you for joining the bigger mission to save more lives and having the vision to upgrade swimming instruction worldwide.  Let your family, relatives, friends, neighbors, and co-workers know where to go to get good quality content.

Dr. Pete

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