Video Swimming Tips

This is a video assortment of instructional and competitive swimming tips to help you learn how to teach or coach yourself or your kids and keep improving your skills and knowledge of water safety in unfamiliar places. For additional swimming instruction help go to the main menu and select Active Lifestyle Parents, Beginners, Instructors Competitors - See more at:

Why do you teach swimming at 2-18 months?

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If you’re a parent you may have learned that up to 18 months your infant/child will copy and do whatever you ask or demonstrate.  After 18 months their brain starts to work and it is designed to protect you and them at all costs.  You ask them to do a simple skill they are unfamiliar […]

How can I teach breath holding?

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This is an important skill every parent must demonstrate starting to teach their child to swim at 2-18 months!  There are specific cues to use and visuals your child will see.  Use your bathtub and the time you bathe your child but before you soap them up. Do not tell your child to close their […]

How can I learn to float?

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I always say you float first and swim second.  Let the water work for you and not against you.  Recall how a hot dog is a piece of meat with no lungs and it still floats in a pan of water.  So unless you only have 6% body fat which I doubt – you can […]

Learn to swim at home without a pool

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Like any backyard sports skill you learn at home and practice to improve you then transfer those same familiar skills to the playing field or court. To build the basic swimming skills at home I show you how to use a kitchen sink, dressing mirror, mattress, and a bathtub.  Then you transfer those same familiar […]