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My credentials, education, and experience

  • 5-time All-American at Indiana coached by the legend, Doc Counsilman.
  • Directed large aquatic programs, and coached All-Americans.
  • Masters World and National Records.
  • 21 Senior Olympic Games Nationals Gold Medals.
  • Ph.D. in psychology of learning principles and sport psychology
  • 55+ years of teaching experience

There is a lot to know about sport psychology.
I will also coach you about your purpose and life in sport.

To improve you must get stronger physically and mentally.

Have you ever felt the pain of losing a close race?

 Does your stroke fall apart in the last five yards/meters?

If you don’t like the pain of losing it’s time to change your mindset.

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What is practical or realistic?  As you age you lose strength and flexibility.  But you can take joy in improving your fitness level and mental toughness to delay that process.

What is realistic goal setting?  I tested the 1972 U.S. Men’s Olympic Swimming Team and six of the top 10 NCAA Division One teams that year for my Ph.D. dissertation.  I researched goal setting literature, and will reveal what I learned from our Olympic swimmers.

Most of what you are told about goal setting is a kroc.

Someone has to be the top ten performers why not YOU!

Here is one universal goal-setting tip I will share with you now:

Only set a goal slightly better than your own immediate past performance or average.  This increases your probability for success, and success does breed success.  We are attracted to pleasure and avoid pain.

Losing a close race is painful.  You don’t want to repeat that so you are motivated to train harder.  But harder training works better with smarter training to make the difference.

By setting a low positive goal you also put your brain on alert.  You have no excuse if you increase your awareness and focus.  Workout logs keep you aware of your past performances to set low positive new goals for your repeat sets.  Your confidence improves when you become aware of your better workout and meet times.

Then when you better your goal that result becomes your new immediate past performance.  This is the process all top performers have done over time to become top performers. You stay motivated feeling you are slightly improving your immediate past performances.

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