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Teaching yourself or your children to swim safely and efficiently is a necessity especially if you have a large family or live in a rural or low income area where there is no pool or experienced instructors.

If you are not comfortable teaching your children or grandchildren, then let me teach your kids with my videos on their TV.  They learn a lot from TV now, and you’ve probably taught them some backyard sports skills they can transfer to the playing field or court.

Now you can save time, and money learning how to swim with my proven SYSTEM of easy-to-master one-minute steps.  Then when or if you take lessons you’ll get more value from them.

I will teach you how to use my six new teaching methods and numerous cues that get you faster longer-lasting results.  You will learn how to teach swimming like an instructor should teach but may not know the correct methods and cues to get you faster results.

Why be frustrated when learning to swim is essential and the only sport that has the potential to save your life?  Choose your instructor wisely and measure your choice by the results they consistently get.  A few swimming skills without knowledge leads to overestimating your swimming ability and become the leading cause of unintentional drowning.

Instructors with open minds for professional growth who desire to keep learning and improving their teaching skills can get valuable knowledge from how I teach children ages 5-10 all the strokes in these videos.  So if you’ve struggled with teaching breaststroke this will change all that, and you’ll be amazed at how I’ve applied physics and psychology of learning principles to get faster results.

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