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This section of LearnToSwimProgram.com is for you if:

  • you have a family and want to save money on lessons
  • you have no pool or experienced instructors in your area
  • you want to ensure your safety and all your children
  • you are a beginner and want to teach yourself to swim
  • you are an instructor and want to improve your teaching skills

It’s a myth you can’t teach yourself or your child to swim and be safer. 

My book/4 DVD video package is a complete instructional curriculum valued over $1000 in lessons.
You only invest $97 once and can share with your whole family and friends for years!


Do you teach your children backyard sports skills to transfer to the playing field or court?

Then you can start learning to swim at home without a pool using my proven easy-to-master one-minute step system!  Do you have a sink, dressing mirror, mattress, and a bath tub?

Why people drown:

  • overestimate their swimming ability
  • unfamiliar with aquatic environments
  • lack knowledge of currents, wave actions, cold water

I am your experienced Ph.D. instructor to correctly demonstrate skills and teach you and your children to:

  • Avoid making three dangerous mistakes
  • Use new correct methods and cues proven to get you faster results
  • Use goggles to self-correct your own skills and be more efficient
  • Master basic skills to learn all the strokes in a complete curriculum

Valuable learning tools:

  • My easy-to-read book and videos
  • My complete curriculum for all the strokes and water safety
  • You can download the video chapters to your tablet or take the book to the pool or lake
  • I reveal six new teaching methods proven to get you fast results

I will teach you and your kids on your TV!  Or, download the videos to your  i-pad or tablet you take to the pool with your book.

Children copy what they see.  If a young inexperienced instructor demonstrates or teaches incorrect skills you and your child may never master an efficient stroke.  Proper breathing to swim continuously and be safer as adults requires excellent floating skills and long stroke mechanics to give you time to exhale and inhale with each new right arm stroke.

My $97 book/video package benefits are huge! 

  • (4 DVDs for 7:24 viewing time) worth over $1000 in lessons
  • Home reference resource to review and keep learning new skills and water safety.
  • One-time investment whole family can share to save on lessons
  • Everyone can learn at their own pace unlike group lessons you forget
  • Overcome your fears by starting at home without a pool
  • Easily transfer your familiar home skills to the shallow end of a pool or lake where you can stand up!
  • All my content is based on never out-of-date physics and psychology of learning principles.
  • You get our 100% 30 day guarantee!

So what will your answer be?  Learn from a pro like me with 55 years of experience to teach your whole family to be safer or take your chances paying 5-10 times more with a young inexperienced instructor?


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The life you save may be your own or a family member.

As a BONUS you will get access to three valuable fast-start tutorials worth over $150 you can also share with your relatives and friends!

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