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This is ‘the new science of swimming instruction.’

All my content is based on never out-of-date physics and
psychology of learning principles so you can
continue to learn new skills correctly the first time.

  • This is a total curriculum for all the strokes and water safety.
  • Uses a SYSTEM of easy-to-master one-minute steps.
  • Introduces six new teaching methods and numerous cues with proven results!

Do you want to improve your performance in less time?

Save your valuable time, money, and frustration so you and
all your kids can learn to swim safely and correctly the first time?


• book and videos you read, view picture sequences, or watch on your TV
• one-time $97 investment valued over $1,000 in lessons
• proven system of easy-to-master one-minute steps
• get faster results saving you time and money
• every family member can learn at their own pace
• share the investment with family and friends
• ideal for rural and low income areas
• no pool, no money, no experienced instructor – NO PROBLEM
• start at home without a pool
• use a kitchen sink, dressing mirror, mattress, and bath tub
• teach yourself as easily as any backyard sports skill
• transfer familiar home skills to shallow pool or lake to stand up
• complete curriculum all strokes and water safety
• provides a reference resource so you can keep learning
• unlike lessons you forget, you can review a lesson anytime
• professional teacher demonstrations and “how-to” instructions
• learn correct visual, verbal, and kinesthetic (feeling) cues
• how to avoid risks in unfamiliar places on vacation
• overcome your fears in safety of home; build confidence
• be better to swim and stay fit into your 80’s and 90’s
• make great gifts that keep on giving

My mission is to save more lives.
My vision is to upgrade swimming instruction worldwide.

[teaching you how to teach/coach yourself, your children, or others
as an instructor to get faster longer-lasting results!]

Information You Requested
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Affiliate Program (Ideal team fundraiser)

You can personally save money, save a life, and be rewarded a commission for helping others:
• market our ‘teach yourself to swim’ book and video resource package.
• earn $40 for each $97 package
• no inventory to keep, no shipping worries, no money to handle
• we do all the work
• we deposit your commission into your account monthly

Everyone should learn to swim so think of your family, relatives, friends, team members, co-workers, church members, local civic clubs, etc. using your email list, and posts on your social media sites.

Learn more and complete the type of application for approval now and get started helping your team financially!

All kinds of teams can benefit financially to offset equipment, facility rental, travel, league dues, event entry fees, and coaching salaries.

I own a commission program marketing a $97 book/video swim instructional curriculum package valued over $1000.  That site is currently under development.

Team or booster organization examples are age-group or high school swim teams and clubs, youth sports teams, adult league or Masters teams/tri clubs, scouts, Big Brother – Big Sister, civic and non-profit organizations, and home school associations.

YOUR MARKET. Do you know family, relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, community or church members who do not swim very well? Would they have an interest in water safety for their whole family?

The big benefit:
• no inventory, shipping, or handling of money
• compared to other fundraisers you get a large $40 commission
• commissions deposited monthly into your team’s bank account
• a report shows where products are sold
• your order link to send out in your personal emails and post on your social media sites keep earning you income dollars
• your buyer gets a reference resource that keeps on giving unlike candy, cookies, or nuts that are consumed and gone
• helps families save time, money, and frustration to save more lives



We offer only two types of memberships:
• Master Mind is our “blue ribbon” instructional group coaching membership. The focus is on teaching swimming skills for all the strokes plus water safety open to parents, beginners, non-swimmers, instructors, and competitive swimmers and triathletes.
For a small monthly subscription of only $27 you benefit by getting over $200 worth of swimming instruction each month.
Each week you get an instructional video chapter full of 4-7 easy-to-master steps to learn and practice that week.
Twice a month you get a tutorial webinar lasting 60-90 minutes so you are encouraged and motivated to keep learning, and at the end I stay online to answer all of your questions.
If you can’t watch at the appointed time, you get 10 days to access the replay link before it expires.
You are encouraged to submit your questions beforehand.

• Gold Medal is our elite private coaching module focused on the competitive swimmer who seriously wants to improve their performance in less time.
Live coaching is conducted via Skype, or Face Time.  Members also submit video files for analysis via email, and correspond by email or phone.
To provide quality coaching services, enrollments are limited.  You have to apply to qualify.
But you are guaranteed to improve or your coaching fee is refunded.
There are three and six month programs available for a reduced investment over a monthly subscription.
The program focuses on teaching ongoing techniques to recognize your mistakes and coach yourself.
To learn more specifics and apply, click on the title “Gold Medal” above.


I do a variety of clinics:
• For swim instructors to learn my system, methods, and cues.
• For parents who bring their children and want to learn how to teach them.
• For competitive swimmers who want to improve their skills and performance in less time.
• For triathletes to improve efficient technique to conserve more energy for the bike and run.

An application is required and clinic fees are reasonable. Often the total fee is divided among the participants. A book/video package deal is negotiated and included in the clinic registration fee.
To learn more and schedule a clinic, click on the title “Clinics” above.


This is a committed group of individuals and groups who join our mission to help save more lives.
There are only a few qualifications to meet on the “honor” system to join.  Accepted new members are posted in a directory on the Ambassadors web page.  You list your name, hometown, and business if you have one.  As an option but not required you can list your phone and email.
The benefits are 1) being a part of a larger mission, 2) be recognized to help save more lives, and 3) discounts for products, services, and clinics.

Swim Tips

There are specific tips for each target group:  (In some cases a short video is also posted)
Active Lifestyles – who know how to swim and want to improve efficient technique and safety in unfamiliar places.
Parents, Beginners, Instructors – who want to learn better teaching methods, and cues proven to get faster longer-lasting results.
Competitors – who want to enjoy improving meet times as a reward for hard practices, and to compete in more races.
To learn more click on the title “Swim Tips” above or go direct to your group.


This is an assortment of swim tips in video formats for easy viewing.  For same groups as swim tips above.