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Learning swimming freestyle flip turn

Pete Andersen 11:43 For Competitors,For Parents,For the Active Lifestyle,Swim Tips 0 Comments

This skill is used mostly by competitive swimmers excluding triathletes. I would also suggest that older Senior Olympic swimmers consider doing open turns to get more valuable breath of air and a strong more streamlined push off out past the flags on every turn.

Freestyle legs of individual medley races have just been updated to require swimmers to be on their stomachs after flip turns. The risk is when anyone flips directly over onto their back and push off doing several dolphin kicks on the back before twisting over to the stomach is they are doing more than the prescribed distance in backstroke.

If you are being taught to flip directly over you may want to watch my video and change how you approach coming into and leaving the way with a half twist in and half twist out. You can do this with backwater motion using your hands. Note that my hands are not stuck under my face but above my head. This lets me extend both hands and arms faster into a streamlined position for a better push off.

I would also tell you to push off a little deeper to get under the wave pulled into the wall and start kicking and taking your first stroke with your non-breathing side arm first to get out past the flags or colored lane floats 15′ from the wall. Stronger and more streamlined push offs with your legs can easily shave off half a second or more. In a 200 short course meters or yards that is 7 turns. Do the math 7 x .5 = 3.5 seconds! Would you like to drop your 200 free time that much and be happy!???


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