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My leg wraparound swim teaching method

Pete Andersen 12:12 For Parents,Swim Tips 0 Comments

This method is ideal teaching small children. It primarily uses the tool of “guidance.” It has one central purpose to immobilize as many body parts as possible. You want the learner’s brain to focus and develop only the one pattern or skill without other confusing sensory stimuli coming into the brain.

Kids can tend to fidget and jump around. Their brain is constantly processing that sensory information. This leads to confusion and lack of attention so the brain does not learn what it is supposed to.

This is one way you can speed up the learning process. However, in some cultures this position is not acceptable and if you are an instructor use caution. But for parents it’s ideal. Your mouth and instructions are right in your child’s ear to hear you clearly.

Notice how I also simulate water pressure having the child place their hand on top of mine to resist them doing the swimming pattern. This gives them a better idea what to expect their hands and arms to feel when they are swimming correctly and their body is moving over the water.


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