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Swim lessons in easy to master one-minute steps to improve performance in less time for happier, healthier fitness lifestyle.



Learn to swim in easy to master one-minute step swim lessons from a pro instructor using new methods and cues.



Non-elite Masters, Senior Olympians, Triathletes, and Age-Group Swimmers: improve performance in less time.


Teach yourself or your kids
Learn to be more efficient for your fitness
Improve your competitive times

BUT WAIT! It’s not just about YOU. It’s also for everyone you know who could use help with water safety and swimming skills, to get safe, fun and fast results!


The System that has Revolutionized Learning How to Swim

Teach Yourself (or your kids) To Swim Like A Pro In One Minute Steps is the new science of swimming instruction based on physics and psychology of learning principles.

Six new teaching methods and a SYSTEM of easy-to-master one-minute steps make learning at your own pace fun and rewarding with proven results.

You can start to learn how to swim efficiently at home, even without a pool!

You can learn at your own pace to master each small step. Get faster, longer-lasting results. 1046 pictures in 280 small skill sequences, and easy to read instructions provide visual, verbal, and body cues that teach you how...

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Dr. Pete Andersen is changing the science of swimming instruction with a complete curriculum for all the strokes and water safety. His package deal 4 DVD set of 7 hours and 24 minutes of viewing time for Parents, Beginners, and Instructors and illustrated book, TEACH YOURSELF TO SWIM Like a Pro In One Minute Steps is outstanding. He uses his Ph.D. to blend the psychology of learning with the applied physics principles learned from Doc Counsilman as a 5-time All-American at Indiana to provide six unique teaching methods no other instructor knows about. He is among the best swimming teachers I know.

Adolph Kiefer, 1936 Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimming Icon

TEACH YOURSELF TO SWIM LIKE A PRO In One Minute Steps video DVDs and illustrated book is going to revolutionize how we teach swimming. No other instructor in the world has Dr. Pete Andersen’s credentials.

Dr. Ken Kimball, Cdr. U.S. Navy, Co-founder of Masters Swimming

Learning to swim properly to ensure the safety of your kids and family was never this easy. Now you can TEACH YOURSELF TO SWIM LIKE A PRO with instructions from a World Class pro, Dr. Pete Andersen.

Brian Goodell, Olympic Gold Medalist,
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  • Why I Wrote The Book

      Click Here to see 5 minute video.  Then click your back button or “x” to remove the video and return to the website for more browsing.  

  • Book Sample Chapter 47 Breaststroke Kicking

    Read copy below or CLICK HERE to view PDF with pictures. CHAPTER 47 Breaststroke Kicking – not a frog, wedge, whip, squeeze, or by any other name but breaststroke Do all of these in a wall brace with your arms fully extended directly facing the wall; prepare for thrust to protect your teeth from hitting the wall. Do 3–5 “V” […]

  • How to teach elementary backstroke swimming

    No other stroke comes close to conserving your energy while getting more distance per stroke.  In this stroke you will pull and kick at the same time then glide for as long as you can maintain your level body position.  With your body floating on your back you get more time to freely breathe and […]

  • How to teach the breaststroke swimming kick in 3 subroutines

    You’ve maybe never looked at your foot in this way, but the inner border is thicker than the outer border.  This is the similar shape of an airplane wing that gets lift when the wing shape moves through the air fast enough. Your foot must also  kick back fast enough just as an airplane wing […]

  • Learn to swim from neutral position face float

    The best way to learn this skill is to practice first stretched out on your mattress or floor.  Place one hand on top of the other so that as you put your forehead down on the mattress your mouth will be directly over the mattress and unable to breathe.  Now squeeze and feel your upper […]

  • Mind control of body parts learning to swim efficiently

    This is one of my six new teaching methods proven to get faster longer-lasting results.  Learning to swim requires the mind to send a message to muscles to relax when you learn to float.  This also reduces breathing tension. There’s a tendency for any beginner to hold their breath when they put their face in […]

  • Learning freestyle swimming open turn

    For all competitive and especially active lifestyle lap swimmers this is the ideal turn that makes you a swimmer. All you have to focus on doing is getting totally on your side coming in to the wall and going back out away from the wall on to your other side.  You can think of your […]

  • Learning swimming freestyle flip turn

    This skill is used mostly by competitive swimmers excluding triathletes.  I would also suggest that older Senior Olympic swimmers consider doing open turns to get more valuable breath of air and a strong more streamlined push off out past the flags on every turn. Freestyle legs of individual medley races have just been updated to […]

  • My leg wraparound swim teaching method

    This method is ideal teaching small children.  It primarily uses the tool of “guidance.”  It has one central purpose to immobilize as many body parts as possible.  You want the learner’s brain to focus and develop only the one pattern or skill without other confusing sensory stimuli coming into the brain. Kids can tend to fidget […]

  • When can I transfer swimming skills from home to pool?

    Using a kitchen sink, dressing mirror, mattress, and a bath tub at home you can get familiar with all the basic swimming skills you’ll need to swim in a pool or lake.  Always start in the shallow end where you can stand up for your safety until you can swim some distance and float well […]