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Dr. Pete Andersen (Ph.D.) is
an expert in drowning prevention
and swimming instruction.

Note:  To schedule an interview simply call Dr. Pete’s personal cell phone 858-886-9820 or complete the Interview Schedule Form below on this page.

He is the author and producer of the book and video instructional series
“Teach Yourself To Swim Like A Pro In One Minute Steps” on Amazon and his websites and

His unique SYSTEM of easy-to-master one-minute steps helps almost anyone to learn and teach their children starting at home without a pool!

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If your community has just experienced a drowning or aquatic accident, now is the time to use this teachable moment as a community service to interview Dr.Pete to provide heart felt answers to live on-air questions. Your audience can learn how to take action to prevent such tragedies and keep their families safer.

An interview with Dr. Pete will prove very enlightening for you and your audience.  He uses reliable statistics from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA.

No other instructor in the world has Dr. Pete’s credentials, education, and experience to know what to say, and do at the right time.