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Adolph Kiefer won the 100m backstroke in the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games at age 17. He founded Kiefer.com a huge aquatic supply company and has been a personal friend since 1957. He knows quality swimming instruction.

After WWII broke out he enlisted in the Navy. His Commanding Officer learned of his Olympic Games achievement, and asked him to create a swimming training program. At that time, the story I heard from Adolph was more Navy men were drowning when their ships were sunk than were shot.

Adolph created the first Navy swimming instructional curriculum that required all personnel to have 19 hours of instruction before they would be allowed to walk on board a ship. This ultimately saved countless lives.

After the war, Adolph started Kiefer and Company a swimming equipment and supply outlet now known worldwide as www.Kiefer.com. Adolph first specialized in equipment and apparel for lifeguards and their training. This led to his design of the spine board widely used by all swimming pools and beaches today.

In addition to supplies, Kiefer.com specializes in a variety of safety and swimming competition equipment such as life guard chairs and Coast Guard approved life vests, and first wave reduction lane lines produced from the design by Doc Counsilman, my coach at Indiana. Goggles, swim suits, travel bags, warm up outfits, etc. also complement his full retail line.


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