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Why do you teach swimming at 2-18 months?

Pete Andersen 3:53 For Parents 0 Comments

If you’re a parent you may have learned that up to 18 months your infant/child will copy and do whatever you ask or demonstrate. After 18 months their brain starts to work and it is designed to protect you and them at all costs. You ask them to do a simple skill they are unfamiliar with and they give you that look.

Your brain is a microprocessor. It does not know right from wrong. Like Shakespeare said, “Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” A child has nothing to compare – good or bad, but thinks it’s not a good idea because they are not familiar with the skill. Your job is to get them familiar with simple skills they can do in a sequence. It’s how the brain learns!

Under 18 months when you bathe your child – hopefully daily – you have time to condition getting used to the water. Before you soap them up you pour water over their head. You can teach breath holding (see other video tip). You can teach blowing bubbles, floating, one arm freestyle, and kicking to build all the familiar patterns you use to swim.

Then if your child can take lessons you’ll get more value from them. Who wants to pay money to have a group class instructor teach them to blow bubbles when you can do that at home yourself? Better yet why not follow my system and teach yourself and your child to swim correctly the first time.


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