Swim Tips for Competitors

How to build swimming endurance and stamina

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If you have an inefficient stroke you will tire more easily.  There are several factors building your endurance: Improve your body position and streamlining Increase your surface area for propulsion Decrease your surface area for resistance Improve your floating skills to relax your recovery muscles To swim farther and faster with less energy expenditure (stamina), […]

Chad Cooper former ranked triathlete

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I met Chad at an Internet marketing conference a few years ago.  He told me he was formerly a pro triathlete with nine sponsors.  But he wanted me to coach his son on stroke mechanics so he could make his local age-group swim team.  For several weeks his son and I would connect on Skype […]

Why lap swimming is good for your health and fitness

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Water has more resistance than air and also removes the effects of gravity.  Running and biking are great cardiovascular activities, but your joints also take a pounding over time.  Swimming you can do into your 80’s and 90’s. What makes you healthy and fit is getting oxygen to your tissues and working muscles.  Your heart […]